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Namibia 2016

The following photos document a mural designed and assisted by me, based on the requests of the children living at the school. The mural was painted with direction by a group of volunteers, many of whom had brain injuries, and was completed in two short days. It was difficult to photograph the full piece due to the narrow corridor, however it spanned three wall sections and featured a different scene in each. The challenges involved with this mural were threefold. The short time frame (it soon got too hot to work in the afternoons)the extremely limited resources (we had to get pretty creative to create the image the children had requested) and, because of the nature of this particular project, it was vitally important to get as many people involved as possible. This was both a blessing and a curse, but in the end everyone was delighted with the new wall art. 

The Gallery @ Kenilworth

These pictures show an interior mural I was commissioned to complete in 2017 for a venue in Kenilworth. The themes requested were cocktails, food and music, with a hint of Alice in Wonderland style wackiness and limited colour palette...

Herbert Lates

This album shows some live drawing/mural events I have recently been involved in, organised through the Herbert Gallery, Coventry. 

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