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In 2020, when the world went into the terrifying yet somewhat unifying experience of lock down and a global pandemic, I quickly realised that there was no way I would be able to return to my job as a massage therapist. I had a one year old son, and working in such close proximity to people felt like too much of a risk. I was out waking my own dogs when the idea of making pet portraits dawned on me. As soon as I got home I began looking through photographs and making sketches, developing a style that felt fun, authentic to me and yet different enough from what else I could see on the market that I could offer unique service. That's how Sketchy Beast Studio was born! 


I began by selling on Etsy, then Not on the High Street, before finally building my own website. Having a site means that I can offer a greater variety of products and have more control over pricing.

As well as being unique and fun, I make pet portraits that are affordable, personal and full of lively character. 


When you place an order for a pet portrait I work closely with you, being careful to note all the important features that need to be included, so that I can make your custom artwork as perfect for you as I can. Once You have sent me your photographs and we have discussed your requirements, I get to work drawing on my iPad. when the digital version is complete I send you a preview via email. At this point you will be able to request any changes you would like me to make before I do the printed version and send to you via Royal Mail!

Endless ways to customise...

All pet portraits are drawn from scratch on my iPad pro.To make your artwork extra special, you can request personalised text, image elements like favourite toys or accessories, or anything else you can dream up! For example, in the gallery below you can see Chief Brody, a portrait I made for a JAWS fan who's greyhound was named after the main character from the film.  He is one of my favourite portraits, and was a gift for the client's wife. We had a lot of fun putting this one together! 

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